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What are some relevant biopsychosocial factors to take into?

I would look at the factors contained in each of the major spheres of influencesand then at their interaction. 1. Biological: family history of genetics, physical condition, physical disabilities; 2. Social: peer influences, family and school circumstances; 3. Psychological: coping skills, social skills, self-esteem. Social and Psychological factors interact in trauma and family relationships. Biology and psychology interact to produce temperament and IQ. The Biological and Social factors interact to modulate drug effects. In depression, genetics load into the risk for depression and type of depression. Disabilities act as an amplifier or trigger for depression. Temperament has a highly biological basis. Social factors include he functionality of the family, how supportive and positively educative school was, and the influence of peers on behavior an attitudes. Psychological factors would include how well the person could cope with stress and how well the patient is able to interact socially. An individual with a low IQ, will take longer to acquire social skills and if he/she has a difficult temperament, making effective adjustments will be harder. An individual coming out of poor family circumstances, is like to have more physical issues, and less access to an effective helperths allowing his depression to be deeper and fester longer before/and if he gets effective help.

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